This ultimate desktop application adds The Available Chemicals Xchange (ChemACX) Database to what you get with Inventory Pro, providing a complete tool for research chemical sourcing and purchasing. The database boasts an impressive list of major suppliers, from Alfa Aesar and Aldrich, to TCI and Zeneca with hundreds in between .



Searching / Inventory Every field in a record, including chemical structure, molecular formula and molecular weight are searchable. The application includes a number of specially designed inventory search forms. Search results are returned in list form. Inventory Manager also gives users the ability to search over Registration System, and ChemACX Databases, to speed reagent purchasing decisions.
Container Management / Inventory Containers are created to represent actual containers in your facility. Each container is assigned a unique barcode, which can be printed, using a customized format, from the Inventory interface. Updating your inventory becomes as easy as scanning barcodes into the system. Users are able to check in and out, move, split, and merge containers at will.
Duplicate Checking / Inventory Duplicates are detected according to the key fields the user defines (e.g. structure, CAS number, and Substance Name).
Barcode Generation / Inventory Assigns unique barcodes for each container in the system. Simply print the barcode and attach it to the container.
Cascading Location Model / Inventory A fully cascading location model. Laboratories can decide for themselves the granularity of their locations. Some labs may define locations as wells on plates residing on shelves inside refrigerators, which, in turn, are found in laboratories. Another lab may decide to track reagents at the bench or cabinet level. Still, in other settings, it may suffice to track chemicals on a lab-by-lab basis.
Customized Report Generation / Creation / Inventory Create reports of search results, or location contents in PDF or SNP format. Create your own report templates specific to your site's needs.

2)   System Requirements



Windows 2000, XP

ChemDraw plugin/ActiveX control supports Netscape® 6.2.x and 7.x, Mozilla 1.x, and Microsoft IE 5.5 SP2 and 6.x. The Chem3D ActiveX control supports IE 5.5 SP2 and 6.x only. There is no Chem3D plugin available.

Microsoft Office 2000, XP, and 2003



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