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Canvas  is a completely integrated environment
for illustration, page layout, imaging, presentations, and web publishing.





Canvas has always been slightly ahead of its time. After all, we were the first to integrate drawing, image editing, document design, presentations and web graphics design into one incredibly lucid program. Not to mention our breakthrough Sprite technology which made it possible to apply unbelievable transparency and layer effects to any object, bitmap image or text. Now with new Canvas we're soaring to even greater heights: over 100 new features and enhancements that will let you explore the farthest limits of your creative powers in every medium with a minimum of wasted effort.

Canvas continues Deneba's long-standing tradition of setting the pace in graphics software innovation. This major upgrade is a culmination of over 18 months of intense development that specifically addresses the demanding needs of technical illustrators, designers, engineers, scientists, and business professionals.

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