NEW FLASH 5.0 - fuses the precision and flexibility of vector graphics with bitmaps,audio, animation, and advanced interactivity to create brilliant and effective Web experiences that attract and engage visitors.




Design Design and deliver distinctive, low-bandwidth Web Sites with Macromedia Flash 5, the professional standard for producing high-impact Web experiences, used by over half a million web authors worldwide.
Flash is everywhere


Top, high-traffic sites use Macromedia Flash to produce engaging experiences that attract and excite Web users. A familiar and intuitive Macromedia user interface makes it easy for designers to create engaging graphics, while powerful scripting, input forms, and server-side connectivity allows developers to create advanced web applications. 
The Macromedia Team


Work as a team with re-usable objects and sharing files; use Macromedia Generator for personalizing Flash content; integrate web production through connectivity with Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks, and Macromedia FreeHand.
The Standard


Macromedia Flash 5 is the professional standard for producing high-impact Web experiences and is used by over half a million Web authors worldwide.


2)   With Macromedia Flash 5 you can:

3)   New Features in Flash 5:

4)   System Requirements

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