Cite While You Write now with Instant Formatting



The familiar Cite While You Write now comes with instant formatting in Microsoft Word that creates your bibliography as you type—further streamlining the writing process. While you focus on writing the paper, Reference Manager simplifies the process of citing references and finalizing your bibliography. The only time you'll use the Generate Bibliography command is to change the selected output style or modify layout options. You'll find over 700 bibliographic styles (e.g., APA, Science) spanning numerous disciplines to format your paper.
Other new Cite While You Write features

*  Customize in-text citations for those instances when names and dates are excluded and prefix, suffix or page numbers are included (supports author-date output styles)
*  Enter a note citation easily without the need for special codes (supports numeric output styles)
*  Remove codes in one step when submitting your manuscript to publishers
*  Access URLs included in your formatted bibliography—Reference Manager creates the hot link  automatically.
Collaborate with colleagues easily
Publish papers faster


Sharing your document for collaborative writing is now easier with the traveling library. Reference Manager creates a hidden traveling library automatically as you cite references in Microsoft Word. The traveling library contains complete bibliographic data for all of your citations. When you're ready to send your document to colleagues for editing, they'll have all the necessary information to reformat citations and bibliography. Wherever the document goes, the references travel with it.

Store links to other resources
Full-text articles on the Web or in PDF files


Reference Manager 11 includes dedicated fields in each reference for storing links to related information. Your reference collection is made virtual by linking to full-text articles, PDF files, related links and image files on the Internet or any accessible hard drive. Everything associated with a reference is organized in your Reference Manager database.
Direct link to ISI Web of Science




Users at institutions subscribing to ISI Web of Science, the premier citation database used by institutions worldwide, can now create searches in Reference Manager. Links are built automatically to the original Web of Science record providing quick access to full-text and other scholarly databases available through ISI Links. These new selections complement the over 250 public and subscription online resources available to search. To further ease this accumulation of references, many online databases have included a direct export of references into Reference Manager, including OCLC, Highwire Press, ProQuest, Ovid and others.
Access to ISI eSource


Use the Internet Search in Reference Manager to purchase key reference data from ISI. ISI eSource contains nearly ten years of data which is searchable by topic. Three-way citation linking lets you access an author's bibliographic references, papers that subsequently cite the author's article, and related records. You can then print, save or export the purchased citations.



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