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Academac is a leading software distribution company in Israel in the academic, scientific, chemistry and bio-technology fields
providing software solutions in these fields like ChemDraw and Signals Notebook(Revvity Signals) ,
EndNote (Clarivate Analytics) for Windows & Macintosh platforms as well as for for educational institutions or commercial companies
. From counsulting to distribution and support, Academac represents most of the software companies around the world for both the Macintosh and the PC platforms.

specializes in providing software solutions for Macintosh and Windows platforms for educational institutions like Universities, Colleges and public schools providing software to researchers, staff, teachers and students as license or site license to the different departments or campuses within the institution.



Emphasis is placed on Hebrew-based applications and English software with Hebrew character support.


Among our educational and corporate customers are:

Bar-Ilan University, Ben-gurion University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Haifa University, Technion -Israel's Institute of Technology, Weizman Institute, Israeli Defense Ministry, Volcani Center, The Open University, Biotech companies,TEVA, Chemagis,Lawyers offices, Newspapers, Publishing Houses...

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