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Zoom Zoom feature opens a floating window which shows an enlarged (or reduced) version of the text at and near the insertion point.
Nisus Text Analyzer Tool


It analyzes the text of the current document and produces phrase lists according to relevance indexes. These can be a useful starting point for indexing. Can also be used for very quickly producing a word list of your document. Also lists number of words, number of unique words, and the frequency of each word and phrase.
Nisus Text Plus


A special file save called Nisus_TextPlus was added to the list in the Save dialog. It saves the document as a text file with all the notes (endnotes or footnotes) converted to text. Nisus Table tool now remembers font setting of each empty cell. Platinum menu background. (This is not yet support for Appearance Manager.)
Auto-expanding glossary Added an automatic Glossary Expansion feature. When turned on, any abbreviation you have defined will be expanded automatically as you type.
Support for navigation services Support for Navigation Services was added, including Open dialog preview of text documents, Nisus Writer Glossary documents and Macro documents.
Feature to make Find/Replace more friendly


If the Find/Replace checkbox "In Selection" is on, but there is no selection and the user initiates a search/replace operation, the checkbox is automatically turned off and the operation carried out on the active document. Previously forgetting that it was on would cause "Expression Not Found" messages and frustration.
The setting is saved in the preferences file Save Settings button, in the Print dialog, saves our custom Print setting panel items (e.g. page numbers as numbered in document).
IBM's dictation software "Via Voice" is supported (Mac Speech support coming soon)
New Grammar Checker Options added to the spelling dialog to allow you to turn off capitalization and repeat words checking. Checkbox in Find/Replace window for turning on/off search through headers/footers and footnotes. 
Counters When opening a new document, using the supplied Nisus New File template, the counters are setup to be hierarchically related and Custom Counter F is set to not display but to re-set all other counters. 
Support for contextual menus was added
Import graphics files using QuickTime 
New XTND RTF Filter from Mercury Software
Feature added to allow you to copy the displayed data in the Word Count dialog. 
Catalog Icon display has been added for users of MacOS 8.5-9.0.4 

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