NetOctopus, the smart multi-platform system management solution, guarantees that your network becomes a strategic asset. From remote software installation to system configuration and comprehensive inventories, Net Octopus gives you the power to be more productive in less time. As a scalable solution, NetOctopus is equally effective in a network of ten computers, or in large corporations where hundreds, even thousands of PC and Macintosh computers are managed from a single workstation. It is the system administration program that lets you "see" every workstation on your network from whatever platform you choose for your desktop. Then "reach out" and manage them efficiently.


Gather over 400 hardware, software and system details instantly. Higher Productivity With Rapid Return on Investment.
NetOctopus provides the tools to enable an organization to make the most of current IT investments.
System administrators accomplish more in less time, and optimize investments in hardware, software and personnel.
Based only on streamlined file distribution and the cost of a technician manually updating users, NetOctopus should pay for itself in no time. Add to that other NetOctopus advantages such as increased user productivity (using the latest updated software), asset management, and remote configuration, the ROI picture becomes even more complete.

2)   Asset Management

3)   Software Redistribution

4)   Remote Configuration

5)   System Requirements

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