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Timbuktu Pro is essential for help desk, server, and web administrators. No more walks down the hall. No more trips to remote offices. You can even teach friends or family members how to use their computer right over the Internet! Experience the freedom to go anywhere knowing you can access your computer from home, hotel, remote office or wherever you are. With Timbuktu Pro you're never out of touch
Business Easy



For the business user, you can control your desktop computer from any location to find and retrieve files, draft documents, and create presentations- even work remotely with other users in real time to collaborate on projects. Large files to transfer? You'll make quick work of it with Timbuktu Pro's file exchange and send features. With Timbuktu Pro's Dial Direct feature and Tele/Modem Toggle, voice and modem-to-modem connections are as simple as "placing a call" to any other Timbuktu Pro Macintosh user.
Easy Helpdesk !



For IT professionals and help desk managers, Timbuktu Pro is the ideal support tool. Remotely control a user's computer to observe exactly what is happening and easily troubleshoot and resolve problems over the network or remote dial-up connection. You can update software, train users on new applications and operating systems, even remotely configure a system from the comfort of your chair. Timbuktu Pro takes full advantage of Mac OS 8.6, and with native Open Transport, your TCP/IP and AppleTalk connections have never worked faster.

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